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Icons from the Art of Victoria Frances
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• This is a not commercial community, all the rights reserved
to Victoria Frances & Norma Comics [ Offical website ]

• This community is only to show your icons.
I will delete any post with out an icon.

• You MUST use teasers in your post to this community.
If you do not I will delete your entry without warning.

• Two or three teaser icons, then please put the rest of
them behind a cut (I accpect fake cut). If you do not.
I will warn you then delete your post.

• Credit in the keywords, if it's not an icon you made, credit the maker.

If anyone has a problem with anything posted here
let me know (SantJordi83@gmail.com).


Credits of the layout:

Illustrations by Victoria Frances from: [ Official website ]

Brushes, textures and other sutff you could check it [ here ]

CSS Codes by minty_peach


* freak_art_chall*
* icons_dreams*
* brmusic_ic*
* pridprej_challs*
* anuka_graphics*
* impulstanz*
* dreaming_icons*
* acrobatica*
* ch_arts *

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